Monday, September 24, 2007

Dominic by Hazel Statham

1 - Tell us a bit about your book.

London 1775 Dominic Blake, Earl of Vale, is a young man of privilege and breeding whose world is turned upside-down by Jack, a beautiful young girl in boys’ clothing whom he finds sheltering on his doorstep after fleeing an attack by her abusive brother.

Despite leaving his protection, Jack is once more destined to enter Dominic’s life when, injured in a horse race, Dominic is forced to rusticate to his father’s estate and again meets Jack in her boyish guise. In turn, she becomes his pupil and his love.

Despite danger and misunderstandings, this is the story of their unconventional and delightful courtship.

2 - Tell us about the best friend - gender, age, appearance, how they came to be with the hero or heroine and anything else we need to know about them.

Lord Wroxham is Dominic’s friend and companion on the town. As young Georgian men do, they taste all the pleasures offered by life in London.

3 - Who does the "best friend" help in the book?

Eventually, Wroxham is more of a hindrance than a help, causing what appears an irreparable rift between the hero and heroine.

4 - Does the best friend have a specific purpose in the book?

It would have been hoped that he would have aided the couple, but he had an agenda all of his own and instead set about overthrowing his friend.

5 - How does your hero or heroine feel about the best friend?

Initially, Dominic is quite happy to share his life with his friend, but when jealousy rears its ugly head, his opinion soon changes.

6 - How would your hero or heroine handle their problems or difficulties with the best friend?

They both handle their problem in a different way.

7 - Are there problems between the best friend and your main characters?
There certainly are!

8 - Do you see the best friend ever having their own story?

No! He would definitely not make a good hero!

9 - Was the best friend inspired by anyone you know?

No – he’s just a figment of my imagination.

10 - Is there anything else about the best friend that we need to know? Feel free to share.

He’s secretly jealous of Dominic and begrudges his popularity.

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12 - What is the link to buy your book?

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Nikki Leigh - Author said...

Good morning Hazel

Best friends in a book can serve so many purposes. Its good to have you and the "best friend" with us today.

Nikki Leigh

Hazel said...

Thank you for inviting me Nikki, it's apleasure to be here.